February 25, 2008

Nothing Magical about Staring at the Chewbacca guy

The highlight of last weekend was of course WonderCon, the comic & pop culture mega conference. I got there by noon, in time for the last ten minutes of Q & A with Steve Carell & Anne Hathaway promoting “Get Smart”. I couldn’t take my eyes off Steve’s nose, that nose is the size of a sandwich triangle, wow. He did mention that he just put in some quality jury duty time, and that he is incorporating that in the new episode of “The Office”. The only other star sighting worth mentioning was Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny, they were there to promote the new X-files movie in the making. It was mildly disappointing that Seth Green couldn’t make it for the new Robot Chicken Star Wars spoof, but their pre-taped Q&A wasn’t too bad.

While last year, I ├╝ber loved the alien costume, this year it was this guy. But the truly weird moment I had was sharing a moment of extended stare with Peter Mayhew, the guy who played Chewbacca in Star Wars. It was too late before I saw the sign above his head that read “I know you love me, but don’t stare at me”. Too late. Since that was fresh in my memory, I avoided staring at the Darth Vader guy or the original Hulk. The day ended with watching the world premier of the new Justice League movie, which wasn’t really great, but wasn’t a bad way to kill an hour either.

I almost forgot to mention the guys at Haunted Memories, who convert regular portraits into “spooky changing portraits”. The fun part is they sell their portraits in sets, a normal portrait and a spooky version of it. So you frame the normal one and hang it on your wall for a while and when people are used to the portrait swap it with the spooky changing one. They do custom work and just when I was plotting a prank, I was told the cost would be $500 per face for custom work, dang. But off the shelf they start at around $25.


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