September 24, 2006

Great products featured on Boingboing

Filed under: Reviews — Dee @ 1:32 am

BikeFurniture: Hip furniture from recycled material, so sleek and so stylish.

SquidSoap: Designed to train kids in proper hand washing, the container squirts a little ink on the user’s hands when they press the pump to dispense soap. The user has to scrub their hands for atleast 15-20 seconds for the ink to disappear. 15-20 seconds being the recommended duration of hand washing.

Businessbibs: I was surprised to see that there was a business built around selling half-suits. I totally missed this when it was featured on NY Times but thanks to Boing Boing I totally caught it. Given the level of convenience and the price point ($135-$150) for looking sharp this might just work.


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