August 26, 2006


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Good people, good food, good times…


August 16, 2006

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Please welcome! For a “younger, hipper clientele passionate about food but perhaps not too skilled at preparing it” – claims the NY Times. Know what, that’s me.

My usual online picks are Food Network, and whfoods, but now there is going to be more interesting food + lifestyle action. The site has not launched yet but will be in a week’s time. I would expect to see Mario Batali, Anthony Bourdain and maybe even some highly controversial Kaz Yamamoto.

August 11, 2006


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Alright stop! Before you get all spooked out, let me tell you what this spooky picture is all about. This is a picture of a glove factory. These guys have decorated their compound wall with some old glove moulds. When new moulds are made, for the first three months or so they are used for making surgical/better quality gloves. For the next 5 months + they are used for making construction gloves etc.

Later when it is time to discard them, these creative folk decorate their compound wall, also for security reasons, with these clay moulds/ just like how colorful glass shards, metal are used elsewhere.


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