October 15, 2006

Boards Mag

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Boards is a great online magazine for advertising and PR folk. It’s got news and reviews on ads, brands, visual effects, independent commercial producers, editors and directors that are in the buzz. And I have got to mention the list of events by location which could be useful to find out which parties are worth it to dress up and schmooze.

While you are at it, read up on Scott Rankin’s winning entry for the “AICE New York’s Trailer Park competition. Now in its third year, the annual contest requires editors to reconfigure a popular film into one from a totally different genre.” Scott’s idea was to turn Tom Cruise’s Cocktail into a Bollywood Musical and present “Caakthal”. Here’s a short video clip from Youtube.


October 1, 2006

Glass Art

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Actinophrys Sol

Glass as a medium of art has always been a mystery to me, mostly because of the high impact work style it takes to fashion it. For sometime I have been interested in a few artist including Dale Chihuly for modern times and the timeless Leopold + Rudolf Blaschka, the father and son team made amazingly realistic glass models of exotic flowers and sea creatures (the picture above is an Actinophrys Sol glass model).

The more I see what is possible with glass the more I am gearing up to roll up my sleeves and get into this. Stay tuned!

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