May 14, 2007

Doughnuts + ice cream + redmeat = Busty Japanese Women

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Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Cold Stone Creamery ice cream and red meat rich diet is changing the silhouettes of Japanese women. While their bust and hip sizes are bigger than the previous generations, the waist size has actually shrunk, giving rise to what the Japanese call “
bon-kyu-bon” or “big-small-big”.

A diet once dominated by fish, vegetables and tofu has transformed in recent years to beefy burgers and dairy rich food. All this extra protein and calcium result in bigger, stronger & rounder bodies. This change in body type has prompted fashion retailers to offer larger sizes and flashier clothes that highlight the bust and hips. Kumi Koda (pictured above), a pop singer has also had an influence in this “busting” trend.


May 12, 2007

What’s in a package?

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Recently, high volume retailers and consumer labels have been shrinking, recycling or reusing their package. Roughly $4 billion worth of packaging end up in landfills and this move is expected to not only leave a smaller environmental foot print but also help the bottom line.

For example, coke has made its bottle lighter and stouter, P&G uses rigid tubes for toothpaste that can be shipped without a box, and Wal-Mart wants to become “packaging neutral” by 2025 which means it will recycle, reuse or compost most of its packaging material.

Some marketing challenges will come up in the near future “Coke recently redesigned its classic contour bottles to be lighter and more impact-resistant. The new bottle looks smaller. “Our challenge is persuading consumers that they are getting the same volume in a better bottle,” said Scott Vitters, Coca-Cola’s director of sustainable packaging. “Estée Lauder’s attempt to use recycled aluminium is facing resistance within the company, “that shiny cap is part of Clinique’s brand image,” said John A. Delfausse, vice president for package development at Estée Lauder. “And they will not switch.”

May 10, 2007

Gas Saving Myths

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Well, it only seems fair that after writing a post on ways to prevent global warming, that I post a few myths as well. Turns out, I believed in at least a couple of these common myths. Hmm…

Donna Karen wants to redesign hospital gowns

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Donna Karen, tired of the hospital gowns, has announced that she is going to do something about it. In addition to wanting to redesign hospital gowns she wants to encourage hospitals to include yoga lessons, alternative therapy, etc.

“I cannot wait to redesign hospital gowns,” she said, talking about the mortifying, backless, paper-thin robes. “We’re intimidated. Now is that good for our disease? No. So there has to be a better way.”

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