February 22, 2007

I am Pro-Choice

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Kingsley and I were having a conversation about abortion laws; death sentence and euthanasia, which all obviously involve taking “lives”. Given that euthanasia is voluntary and the person is probably making a meditated choice about what is good for him/ herself it’s fairly open and shut.

The Death sentence and Abortion involve another “person’s” life – and always will have a lot of opposing stances, given that it is extremely subjective. For now, let’s focus on the limelight topic: abortion laws.


  • Fetus: is it life at fertilization, or in 7 months of fertilization or what? (I side with Roe v. Wade)
  • Why does the Supreme Court think it knows what’s best for the mother/ parents?
  • USA has bigger problems – war, national security, deficit, health care, paris hilton…Hello 2008 GOP Presidential candidates wake up!  

February 8, 2007

Rain Check – The new movie club

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I am in the process of creating a movie club – wine! cheese! and mooovies, 1 movie per month, maybe on a Thursday night or something. So here goes my list, additions/ recommendations are welcome:

The Bicycle Thief
The Last Emperor
21 Grams
Repo Man
Brother’s Keeper
The Butcher Boy
Taxi Driver
Reversal of Fortune
Goodbye, Mr. Chips
The Insider
Seven Samurai
Some Like It Hot
Strawberry and Chocolate
National Lampoon’s Animal House
The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)
Silk Stockings

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