December 6, 2007

Your moment of Zen

Filed under: Food,Humor — Dee @ 10:33 am

You have got to be kidding me. NYTimes covers what the Presidential “contestants” are eating on their campaign trail. After we have seen make or break questions thrown at the candidates like “diamonds or pearls?”, “Yankees or Red Sox?” and so on, the media seems to be ever more interested in shoving empty calories down our throats. I will stop here and quote from the article, the opening line goes “Running for president is like entering a competitive eating contest and a beauty pageant all at once.”

“Senator Barack Obama, who was chubby as a child, refers to himself as skinny in speeches and barely touches fatty foods — except at events like the Iowa State Fair, where he ate caramel corn, pork and a corn dog for the cameras. At one campaign event, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said she prayed to God to help her lose weight.”

Giuliani, hungriest of them all, was even caught on camera going from table to table stealing people’s food!! Huckabee, who was once so fat that a chair he was sitting on at a meeting just fatally collapsed. Now he’s lost 110 pounds, but looks like he needs lobotomy to remove that part of his brain that equates everything to food. ‘Nuff typing I’ll quote again, “At a metal factory in Cedar Falls, Iowa, he stared as a worker punched out a flat disc. “Put a little pepperoni and cheese on that, and you’re made,” he observed. One machine, he said, looked like a grill for rib-eye steaks.”


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