September 14, 2007

Jeff Ross roast this!

Filed under: Food,Personal — Dee @ 6:05 pm

The one food item that I’ve always been sooper fascinated with is , the egg. Not only can you boil, whisk, poach, scramble, bake, beat and throw them at people you hate, these little bastard pack so much science in them. Learning about this close cousin of humpty-dumpty is a great way to start understanding the science behind the food you eat. To start with did you know there is a nice little formula for making the perfectly boiled egg, if you care to know go here or I’ve pasted the gist below (alter ego: you call that a gist).

where ρ is density, c the specific heat capacity, and K thermal conductivity of ‘egg’. According to this formula, a medium egg (M~57 g) straight from the fridge (Tegg=4°C) takes four and a half minutes to cook, but the same egg would take three and a half minutes if it had been stored at room temperature (Tegg=21°C). If all the eggs are stored in the fridge, then a small (size 6, 47 g) egg will require four minutes to cook, and a large egg (size 2, 67 g) will take five minutes.

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