May 10, 2007

Donna Karen wants to redesign hospital gowns

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Donna Karen, tired of the hospital gowns, has announced that she is going to do something about it. In addition to wanting to redesign hospital gowns she wants to encourage hospitals to include yoga lessons, alternative therapy, etc.

“I cannot wait to redesign hospital gowns,” she said, talking about the mortifying, backless, paper-thin robes. “We’re intimidated. Now is that good for our disease? No. So there has to be a better way.”


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  1. Hospital gowns have not changed in design in over 85 years–why? Nurses rose up in protest in the 1960’s saying their uniforms were belttling and demeaning and they easily won a change in their attire –but was any such change forthcoming in the hsopital gown which is far more humilating and demeaning? NO. Why not? The reason MUST be that the medical profession WANTS to keep patients humiliated and degraded into subhuman commodoties. This makes patients more passive and easier to treat like meat. Do not be fooled. The medical profession WANTS to keep the hospital gown design. Every company that has tried to change that design to one that protects the dignity of the patient has been driven into bankruptcy by the hospitals. The fate of these alternative designs is not dictated by the market–which craves them– it is dictated by the hospitals’ collective desire to humiliate patients and “keep them in line”.

    Comment by redmont — November 11, 2008 @ 8:14 am | Reply

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